The ESPIELLA is a high power active mid/high speaker system designed to reproduce top quality sound at extremely high sound pressure levels from a very compact unit. The ESPIELLA covers the audio frequencies from 110hz to 20khz. The ESPIELLA has exceptional audio headroom and the ability to reproduce music with astonishing peak sound pressure levels in excess of 140db, and as such can be used as an alternative to many much larger but less capable systems, and it is designed to maintain an outstanding audio performance regardless of how hard it is being driven. People don’t listen to music because they are interested in the specs of the speakers, they listen to enjoy the sound, and that is where the ESPIELLA comes into its own. It just sounds amazing, and ultimately that is what really matters to most people, and as a bonus it achieves this from a remarkably small and portable unit. The ESPIELLA features:- • High pass filter so that it can be run from a full range signal. • Unique analogue signal processing that helps the unit to make the most of the music, producing a sound that is a pleasure to listen to. • Unique dynamic processing system so that when the unit is overdriven, when many units would otherwise struggle, the ESPIELLA manages its signal and headroom so that it can consistently perform at 100% all night long without breaking a sweat. • Bi-amped with a total of over 2kw RMS of power amplifiers, driving a high power 15 inch driver and 1.4 inch compression driver with active air and fluid cooling. Nominal dispersion 60w x 50h degrees. The units are all carefully hand built and tested in small quantities in our UK workshops, using only top quality materials.



  • Dimensions: 460w x 700h x 521d – 20 degree trapezoidal
  • Weight: 57kg approx
  • Power requirement: 230v, typically average up to 4amps, max approx 8amps.
  • Connections on rear: Signal via XLR in & link out. / Power via Powercon connectors in & link out.
  • Controls on rear: input gain adjustment & power switch.
  • Frequency response: Recommended use 110hz-20khz. Can run from full range signal due to inbuilt hi pass filter.
  • Display on rear: Green signal present indicator / Red high level signal indicator / Red power on indicator.

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