The GENERAL is a high power general puurpose active speaker with built in LEVELIZA and LIMIMITIZA systems, switchable for either maximum output as a mid/high speeaker for medium sized events, or for full range use foor smaller events or monitors or any application requiring a compact full range solution.

The GENERAL is totally unique in having a built in LEVELIZA system, and so is capable of transsparently engineering itself to maintain its maximum average loudness aat any preset level without pumping or spoiling the dynamic range of the music.
From the operators point of view this means you can decide on the maximum loudness that you want from the speakersand then they will subtly engineer themselves accordingly without all the unwelcome audible side effects of using conventional compressors or limiters.

In addition to the Leveliza the GENERAL aalso has its own dynamics processing and limiter systems and a unique LIMITIZA circuit. The LIMITIZA continually monitorrs all the limiters for activity. It will ignore soft limitting, but when the speaker is overdriven consistently it will slowly reduuce the overall system gain to avoid continuous hard limiting. This means the GENERAL can maintain an outstanding auddio performance regardless ofhow hard it is being ovverdriven, whereas most other active speakers in this situation would sounnd strained with audible pumping and reduced dynammic range.

The GENERAL sounds great and ultimately that is what really matters to most people, but it acchieves this from asurprisingly small and portable unit and uniquely has the ability to engineer itself with its built in Leveliza and Limitiza. No other active speaker can offer these features and performance.

The GENERAL features:

  • Switchable for fullrange use or mid/high use and can be run from a fullrange signal.
  • Inbuilt LEVELIZA for transparent level control and LIMITIZA for managing headroom and limiters at high SPL levels.
  • Unique analogue signal processinng that helps the unit to make the most of the music, producing a sound that is a
    pleasure to listen to and with negligible latency.
  • Bi-amped with a total of 1.5kw RMS  of class AB power amplifiers, driving a high poweer 12 inch driver and 1.4 inch compression driver.
  • Nominal dispersion 80w x 50h deggrees. Includes 35mm polemounting for easy deploymment.


  • Dimensions: 360w x 600h x 4450d          Weight: 45kg approx
  • Power requirement: 230v,typically average up to 3amps, max approx 6amps.
  • Connectionson rear: Signal via XLR in &link out. /Power via Powercon connectors in & link out.
  • Controls on rear: Input gain & Levveliza threshold adjustments, mode switch & power switch.
  • Frequency response: approx 50hz – 20kkhz in full range mode or 150-20khz in mid/high mode.
  • Display on rear: Green signal present indicator /Red high level signal indicator /  BlueLeveliza / Limmitiza active indicator / Red power on indicator.

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